Calendar of CSEN Meetings

CSEN Meetings for 2016 - 2017

2016 - 2017 Calendar

The CSEN Meetings for 2016-2017 will have a year-long on the K-12 Science Framework.  On behalf of the CSEN Steering Committee, we welcome your presence for our first meeting in the series--opportunities for productive discussions across the work of school districts, higher education and informal education leaders in Colorado.

March 22, 2017  University of Colorado, Boulder

Phenomena and Design Challenges in the Next Generation Science Standards

 Location: University of Colorado, University Memorial Center (UMC) Room 247

Host:   Lesley Smith, University of Colorado, CIRES Education and Outreach

Presenter: Bill Penuel, University of Colorado, School of Education

There is lots of buzz about phenomena these days, but what are they and why should we care? In this session, we'll explore together the role of phenomena and design challenges in equitable three-dimensional teaching, learning, and assessment. We will develop criteria together for what makes a good phenomenon to anchor a unit and for identifying design challenges that can help students see how science and engineering can address needs in students' families and communities.

January 26, 2017 

Improving NGSS Science Teaching and Learning through Video-based Inquiry into Practice


(Location: Institute of Science and Technology (IST) located on the Overland High Campus in Aurora)

Agenda and Location


Hosts:   Cindy Gay and Connie Hvidsten (BCSC), John Eyolfson (Cherry Creek)


Presenters: Cindy Gay and Connie Hvidsten (BSCS)


Description: Analyzing teaching through video is a powerful means to enhance science teaching. Come learn more about how video-based inquiry into practice through both a student thinking lens and a NGSS science content storyline lens can help teachers be more intentional in how they teach to improve student understanding of science.


December 2, 2016

Equity and the Framework for K-12 Science Education

(Location: Boulder Valley Schools)

As educators strive to implement the core principles of the Framework, a fundamental consideration is how to make learning in this new context accessible and relevant to all learners.  Case studies from the NGSS will be explored through collaborative discussion. Strategies to scaffold science and engineering practices for K-5 English learners will be explored.

Presenters: Sam Messier, Joanna Bruno, Janelle Johnson, Lori Reinsvold

November 8, 2016  

Meeting Theme:  STEM Identity 

Location : RAFT, 3827 Steele Street, Unit C, Denver, CO 80205

Time:   8:00am – Noon

Registration required.  To register click here

Description: STEM learning experiences and practices defined by the Science Framework require a shift not only in curricula and programming, but a shift in how we see ourselves as educators and how that will in turn change the way students see themselves as creators, problem solvers and people who DO science.  We’ll explore three perspectives featuring research, resources, hands-on examples and insights focused on STEM identity of both the educator and the learner. 


·         Wendy Hoffer Ward, Senior Director, PEBC, and author of Cultivating STEM Identities Strengthening Student and Teacher Mindsets in Math and Science

·         Dr. Violeta Garcia, STEM Learning by Design,

·          Chris DeKay, Education Director and Chief Re-Imagineer, RAFT  (Resource Area for Teachers)


8:00-8:15  Networking, light breakfast

8:15-8:45  RAFT Activity (Chris DeKay)

8:45-9:30  Wendy Ward Hoffer: STEM Identity

                Wendy is a Senior Director at PEBC and author of Cultivating STEM Identities: Strengthening       Student and Teacher Mindsets in Math and Science,

9:30-9:45  Break

9:45-10:30 Chris DeKay: STEM activities in the classroom

Chris is the Education Director and Chief Re-Imagineer at RAFT,

10:30-11:15 Violeta Garcia:  Messaging matters: Designing an inclusive culture for students to develop a                 science identity

                Violeta is a consultant for STEM Learning by Design,

11:15-11:45  Breakout by audience